Teocalli Partners is an international advisory firm that provides management consulting services to Fortune 100 firms in the telecommunications, public safety and internet space.  We specialize in wireless telecommunications and its evolution as the ubiquitous broadband access medium. Not only for people, families, and enterprise, but also for connected cars, homes, athletes, utilities, and  manufacturing, or the Internet of Things. We bring broad, international C-Level experience and expert-knowledge-based advisory services to help firms manage and leverage transformations in business, market, and technology.

Tech News

  • Editor’s Corner—The IoT’s startup LPWAN market is showing signs of stress

    It looks like the shakeout in the IoT network provider space has begun. Recent troubles at companies including Sigfox and Ingenu, and new directions from the likes of Silver Springs Networks and Senet, highlight the growing pains in the space. This doesn’t come as a total surprise—new markets often undergo upheavals as they develop—but it’s certainly worth noting as the IoT sector slowly moves from concept to reality. […]

  • Wave Wireless seeks STA for CBRS trial at 2 indoor D.C. locations

    Wireless Everywhere, doing business as Wave Wireless, is asking the FCC for an experimental Special Temporary Authorization (STA) so that it can conduct tests in the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) band for six months. […]

  • Portworx, HPE leverage Kubernetes with reference configuration solution

    Portworx and HPE deliver joint solution for stateful containers Portworx and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) recently debuted a solution-based reference configuration, which enables enterprises to launch stateful container workloads with Kubernetes. Containers are a lightweight form of virtualization, which break down monolithic applications into small chunks of code in an isolated environment. These environments contain [...] The post Portworx, HPE leverage Kubernetes with reference configuration solution appeared first on RCR Wireless News. […]

  • Test and Measurement: P3, InfoVista expand partnership

    Benchmarking and engineering company P3 Communications is expanding its working relationship with InfoVista. The two companies have been working together for nearly a year on some joint services on benchmarking the performance of new network services such as voice and video over LTE. Now they will be expanding their work together on offering mobile network [...] The post Test and Measurement: P3, InfoVista expand partnership appeared first on RCR Wireless News. […]

  • PSCR Releases Funding Notice for 3D Indoor Point Clouds

    The Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) program released the Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program – Point Cloud City notice of funding opportunity for research and development (R&D) grants and cooperative agreements. PSCR is looking for public-private partnerships to collect, annotate and make available as many 3D indoor point clouds as possible for future R&D efforts related to indoor mapping, localization and navigation for first responders. read mor […]

  • Northern Mariana Islands Final Territory to Opt In to FirstNet

    The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands became the final territory to opt in to the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and AT&T public-safety Long Term Evolution (LTE) plan. read mor […]

  • Altice says 50 Cent 'threatened' employee in Instagram post

    The three-week carriage war between Altice USA and Starz escalated over the weekend, when the star and executive producer of one of the premium cable network's shows posted a video on Instagram in which he appears to ominously follow an Optimum-branded Altice installation van.&nbs […]

  • Canada’s Rogers and Bell accused of pushing services onto unsuspecting customers

    Call center employees for Canadian cable operator Rogers Communications have told the Canadian Broadcasting Company that oppressive sales quotas are causing them to push products and services that customers often don’t need, or in some cases, don’t even know they’re getting.&nbs […]