European Spectrum: Licenses Owned

Wireless Development Partners (WDP) was founded by Craig Farrill and Clint Cooper

  • WDP focuses on investment opportunities in the wireless communications space. Present operations include Broadband Belgium and Broadband Portugal.  These operating companies both hold 3.5GHz telecommunications licenses
  • Broadband Belgium is licensed to provide wireless services at 3.5GHz (Band 42) in each of Belgium’s regions (Brussels, Flanders, and Wallonia)
    • 50 MHz: Block 4: 3475-3500/ 3575- 3600 MHz: Right of use in 57 communes
    • 50 MHz: Block 3: 3450-3475/ 3550- 3575 MHz: Right of use in 13 communes
    • Negotiations are in process with the regulator for expansion to a nationwide footprint
  • Broadband Portugal is licensed to provide 3.5 GHz wireless services nationwide in Portugal. BBP will be operating in the 3400-3600 MHz and 3600-3800 MHz radio spectrum bands (Bands 42 and 43)
    • Blocks A, B and C (total 168MHz) in Area 1, the greater Lisbon area
    • Blocks A and B (total 112MHz) in Area 2, the greater Porto region
    • Block B (total 56 MHz) in all other mainland areas

Teocalli Partners has provided broad management consulting services to WDP throughout its acquisition of European licenses.

These services have included:

  • Spectrum Scanning and Acquisition Assessment
  • Spectrum Target Identification
  • Seller negotiation, data room review, business due diligence, contract completion
  • Company Start Up planning
  • Support hiring of in-country personnel
  • Regulatory support (BIPT and ANACOM) for license period extension, geographic expansion and band harmonization with EU LTE band plans
  • Site assessment and organization
  • RF planning and expert design support using Teocalli in-house propagation tool (ATOLL)
  • Core network expert design support: virtualized, cloud-based hybrid architecture
  • Managed services definition with associated SLAs and KPIs: site acquisition, network engineering, network deployment and construction, operations & maintenance
  • Development of the 3.5GHz LTE RFP and administration of the RFP evaluation process with the suppliers, including Nokia, Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE
  • Development of the UE RFP and device portfolio strategy