Consulting Services

Advisory Services


Business Strategy

  • Strategic Opportunity Assessment: License, spectrum planning, regulatory requirements,  business deployment options
  • Business Requirements: Products, performance, coverage, reliability, capacity
  • Initial Company Assessment: Cost structure, milestones, commercial requirements, schedules
  • Market Assessment: Product and pricing, and market deployment options
  • Competition and Risk Assessment
  • Technology Assessment: Network, devices, availability, CapEx, OpEx
  • Network Deployment Options: build, share infrastructure, share radio frequency, lease wholesale capacity, urban deployment planning
  • Preliminary Financials: Capital analysis, annual operational requirements, financial return and required financing

Business Planning and Financial Modeling

  • Company Entry Plan: required products, coverage, quality, timing, customer support, and operational constraints
  • Market Research: penetration rate, pricing, usage, ARPU, CPGA, churn, devices, product roadmap, partners, channels and promotion
  • Technology and System Assumptions: network technology and standards, technology evolution plan, network/population coverage and capacity planning, rollout schedule
  • Company Cost Structure: network, headcount, outsourcing, facilities, business support systems
  • Financial Modeling: develop primary deployment options and associated financials, define partner options if exist, run options and sensitivities
  • Financial Plans: multi-year income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, KPIs, ROI analysis, valuation, financing requirements and sources (debt, equity, vendor financing)
  • Comprehensive written Business Plan

Greenfield Company Startup Planning

  • Organizational Planning: Definition of newco business, required functions, departments, organizational structure, head count
  • Deployment Plan: Master schedules for company phases, structure, departments, and employee/outsourcing ramp-up
  • Company and Departmental Budgeting
  • Facilities Plan
  • Written Company Start-up Plan: Blueprint for newco start-up

Network Planning, Engineering, and Procurement

  • Technology Assessment
  • Network Architecture Planning: RAN and core dimensioning and placement, performance, coverage, and capacity planning, service planning
  • Radio Frequency Engineering: Selection of planning tools and geo databases, optimization, coverage planning, capacity planning, site and deployment engineering
  • Core and Transmission Engineering: Core network specification and design, national, regional, and metro transmission design, backhaul engineering, interconnection/roaming planning and network performance and management
  • Request for Information (RFI): Develop and release to the supplier/manufacturer community specific RFIs. Responses will form the basis of what products/capabilities/roadmaps and schedules are available to the sector
  • Formulate Request For Proposal Strategy: Define critical requirements (performance, price, services, reliability, network sharing, spectrum sharing, security), RFP process, price competition, and multiplicity of suppliers (network access, network core, service platform)
  • Request for Proposal (RFP): Develop RFP materials . Release to the supplier community
  • Lead/support the RFP process: evaluation of responses, communications with suppliers, response evaluation/scoring, contractual negotiations, production/support of final contracts

Network Construction & Deployment

  • Network Deployment Planning: Site acquisition, construction and installation, commissioning and integration
  • Network Deployment Outsourcing Planning: Ecosystem identification and assessment
  • Network Deployment RFI/RFP Management and Contractual Development
  • Project Management